11,000 sq ft


£11 million

587-591 Fulham Road is an art deco block that is identified on Hammersmith and Fulham’s “Local Register of Buildings of Merit” and is considered to make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of Walham Green Conservation Area.

Whilst the principal facade remains unchanged, the building itself is supported by a concrete frame that spans the width of the building and allows for large open floor plates. The rear of the property is more complex and utilitarian in its appearance, with a number of ad hoc extensions and a complicated fire escape structure. The unoccupied building comprises a large A4 unit over ground and basement, with two upper floors classified to B1 use.

We are proposing alterations and extensions to provide a flexible A1/A2/A3/A4 use, with upgraded B1 office space and new C3 residential flats. The works provide an opportunity to improve the external appearance of the building and enhance the appearance and character of the local area. You can see the potential it has in the pictures below, showing the high ceilings and large open plan floors.