4,300 sqft



We recently acquired this prominent corner freehold building on behalf of a client that lies to the South-East of the junction between Fawcett Street and Finborough Road. 27 Fawcett street is situated within the Borough of Kensington and although not listed, it falls within the Boltons Conservation Area. Originally built in the mid-19th century as a single house, the property was subdivided into 5 flats (over 5 floors) in the 1950s, with the main entrance being positioned on the Fawcett Street elevation.

The building requires updating and we have had planning approved that includes alterations and extensions to provide 6 flats. The proposals include a front lower ground partial infill to the light well, a rear lower ground infill and a rear second floor partial extension to the closet wing with a terrace above. To minimise visibility of the lower ground extensions, flat green roofing is proposed. A light touch glazed connection has been proposed for the front extension so that none of the existing features of the building such as the corbeling are obscured.

Our proposals have been carefully considered to maintain a positive contribution to the historic and architectural character of the Boltons Conservation Area, and making enhancements where possible.